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Orly Neiger

I started my work as a physiotherapy in 1981, but over 30 years I am working with children:

More than 30 years I specialized in ASD's children including infant (as early intervention) and toddlers.


Nowadays, I considered as a leader in combining physical therapy as part of the core professions in the spectrum. I am certified in DIR (Development Individual Relationship) treatment and I also base my intervention and assessment with an information-processing tutorial.


I work as a physiotherapist with ASD children's involving their parents and family, I'm coaching teams of physiotherapists specialized in ASD children's; Besides, I guide integrative thinking of teams trying to find the best way of intervention. 


I specialize my professional perception on belief in the child's ability: I emphasize the slogan that leads me: "The body is the home of the soul".

During experience I explore the Sensory process of children in the spectrum based on motor difficulties such as Postural Disabilities and dyspraxia not only the sensory processing Disorder but also information Processing.

Motor achievement and motor experience with experience success is the foundation of development.

I am also parent training and this combination of the professional knowledge enables me to collaborate a success and achievements.

In addition, I wrote a thesis in the framework of 'Mastery Motivation' at Bar-Ilan University, in the development of the child department.

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